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1. holding hands with a stranger (almost). :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 1,418 110
Mature content
Football Help-KevEdd Epilogue :iconviolethorizon:violethorizon 62 61
Reverse-Kevedd :: Treading Water
They were like transparent wings, the way those arms broke the surface and arched overhead, bringing a slew of water with them. They dove back in and came around again like pedals on a bike, mechanical in their timing and rhythm, yet fluid in their form. The legs, only half as hypnotizing in their grace, were obscured by the whitewash of water constantly disturbed by how powerfully they kicked. And after every stroke, one could see the face of the machine in question, swallowing much needed air every time his mouth broke its kiss with the current.
It was difficult to tell from where Kevin was lurking (standing with half of your body hidden behind the door wasn't exactly normal after all), but said swimmer was definitely Edd. Of course, giving him the simple title of "swimmer" wasn't exactly correct, being the captain of the team and whatnot, as well as a daily tormentor for the short, ginger kid himself. Lately, however, the shameless ridiculing and power noogies had dwindled to the po
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Spin the Bottle {KevEdd}
"I don't know about this, Eddy," Edd said nervously over the music, glancing around. Besides them, Ed stuffed his face with party snacks, oblivious to their conversation. "It seems so—so immoral. It's a violation of the rules—"
"Give it a rest, Double D," Eddy told him as he examined the magnet in his hand. "Did you put the other magnet into the bottle?"
"Yes," Edd said ashamedly.
Eddy smirked and flicked the magnet into the air, catching it as it fell. "Perfect."
Edd opened his mouth to continue his protest, but before he could, the music was turned down and Nazz called for them to all gather in the center of the room. Eddy headed over, leaving Edd to scramble after him, stomach churning like it always did when he was pulled into one of Eddy's schemes. He didn't know how he let Eddy talk him into this. When Eddy had come to him and asked for a way to rig Spin the Bottle, Edd's interest had been piqued and he showed him purely out of scientific interest. He hadn't ev
:iconxxwrittensinsxx:xXWrittenSinsXx 424 39
KevEdd - Chapstick
It was a Saturday afternoon when Double D and Kevin got together to work on a project for school. Their teacher had paired them up and neither could complain, Since both of them were on better terms now that they were in high school and forgotten their petty differences as children.
Also because they happen to be dating in secret. Which wasn't so bad they thought, Though there were a few times they were almost caught in the janitors closet making out in between classes.
Since because of all the heavy lip locking and biting his lips so often, Double D's lips were getting chapped a lot more. So he's been sure to carry around a tube of flavored lip balm to temporally fix the problem. Speaking of which, Double D reached into his pocket to retrieve said lip balm and apply some to his lips.
From the other side of the coffee table, Kevin couldn't help stealing glances of his dorky counterpart. They haven't been sneaking off to go make-out in the janitor's closet for a few days since the last
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